Intensive Care Ventilation

Patients with serious to life-threatening illnesses or injuries require treatment in an intensive care unit (ICU) if their medical condition requires monitoring or treatment to preserve life. Artificial respiration, in particular, can only be carried out in an ICU. With WILAmed INTENSA is a full invasive and non-invasive life-support ventilator available, solely designed for the ventilation of the critically ill neonate/infant, pediatric and adult ICU patient.

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Respiratory Humidification

In case of artificial respiration the natural humidifying, warming and clearing performance (= respiratory gas conditioning) of the upper respiratory tracts is restricted or partly bypassed. If a patient needs mechanical ventilation over a longer period, it is imperative to take measures to avoid serious complications (e.g. pulmonary infections). Respiratory humidifiers from WILAmed compensate for this heat and moisture loss.

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Breathing Tube Systems

Our breathing tube systems ensure an optimal supply of ventilated patients with individual, comfortable and effective care therapies. WILAmed breathing tube systems are made-to-order rather than stocked products. With more than 500 versions of breathing tube systems in a wide range of specifications, WILAmed offers customer-specific solutions and thus responds flexibly to requirements of concerned patients as well as various therapy approaches.

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About WILAmed

WILAmed is an international manufacturer and distributor of medical devices and accessories for respiratory care therapies. Our products contribute sustainably to the health care of noninvasive and invasive mechanically ventilated patients all over the world. As a medium-sized company we serve through authorized trade partner to the homecare sector, as well as clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

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