Project Description

AIRcon Gen2 Respiratory Humidifier

The next Generation in Active Humidification

As a fully packed humidifier powerhouse, the AIRcon Gen2 includes all required parts and components you need for a worry-free, quick installation and safe operation. The AIRcon Gen2’s outstanding improvements allow it to be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification, from the very low flows in infant ventilation to the very high flows in Nasal-High-Flow-O2-Therapy in adults.

The AIRcon Gen2 has been designed for:
  • ease of use
  • adaptability
  • simplicity of operation
  • ease of maintenance and servicing
  • energy efficiency
  • long term reliability

Engineered to meet the highest standards of cost-effective, efficient performance

The AIRcon Gen2 is the respiratory gas humidifier of choice for health care professionals in both – the Critical Care- and Home Care Environment. The pure and clean look of AIRcon Gen2 fits perfectly into any ventilator.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Three modes of operation (IV, NIV, FREE)

  • Approved for use in Critical- and Home Care

  • Display dimmer for night time operation

  • 300+ Configurations of heated wire breathing systems


  • Best in class alarm management

  • IR water level monitoring (High- and Low)

  • Event- and alarm protocol with download option to PC

  • Real-time temperature and humidity level monitoring

  • Automatic shut-off when alarms are being ignored

7 Unique Features

  • ACRS – Automatic Chamber Recognition System

  • IRCC – Automatic Chamber Water Level Control

  • ICE – Individual control of Expiratory heater wire

  • EVAP – Event and Alarm Protocol

  • APC – Automatic Performance Control

  • MPC – Manual Performance Control

  • EDA – Easy Droplet Adjustment

High Quality

  • Best-in-Class TCO

  • Manufactured “Made in Germany”

“As a leading manufacturer of respiratory gas humidification systems for more than 20 years, WILAmed has the technology and application expertise to meet the needs of any respiratory application.”

Everything from one source

In combination with its specially designed humidifier chambers and heated wire breathing systems, the AIRcon Gen2 provides a complete respiratory gas humidifying system at your disposal for patients in need of invasive- or non-invasive ventilation for their treatment. Our heated wire breathing systems (single and double limb) are applicable to neonates, children and adults. We offer configuration for clinical and extra-clinical use for all common ventilators.

Scope of Delivery

P/N Description
101200 AIRcon Gen2 humidifier, 230V
101201 AIRcon Gen2 humidifier, 115V
100910 temperature probe, 160cm
100909 temperature probe, 180cm
100929 heating wire adapter (i+e)*
100942 heating wire adapter (i)*
100930 country-specific power cord

Accessories and Mounting

P/N Description
500186 WILAqua, sterile water 1000ml bottle
500350 WILAmed C200R humidifier chamber, autoclavable
550226 bracket (diameter 25mm) for standard rail (30mm x 10mm)
550301 pole clamp bracket for columns (25mm x 45mm)
550220 mounting kit for standard rail

* i = inspiratory, e = expiratory

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