Project Description


a new humidifier generation


The AIRniva Respiratory Gas Humidifier complements the WILAmed portfolio for respiratory care solutions, with special focus on noninvasive ventilation. The AIRniva provides optimal heated and humidified gas, supporting patient compliance to NIV treatment in an easy and safe manner, ultimately enhancing patient comfort.
It is adjustable between three humidification modes, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of NIV therapies, starting from BiLevel therapies in the home into high levels of ventilatory support in the hospital.

New Ambient Temperature Sensing Technology (ATS)

The AIRniva comes with WILAmed’s new ATS (Ambient Temperature Sensing) technology, enabling better performance in various ambient conditions which can be found in home- and hospital care.
The AIRniva is designed to heat and humidify cold, dry and anhydrous gas, delivered to the patient via a Face Mask or Nasal Cannula. The cooling of the airway mucosa can result in heat and moisture loss and drying, which can increase airway resistance, causing increased work of breathing.