Project Description

Comfort Cough® Plus

Mechanical In- and Exsufflator (MIE-E)

Comfort Cough® Plus allows patients to clear bronchial secretions by applying pressure to the airways and quickly changing to negative pressure. The rapid shift causes a stronger and more effective cough.

The device is suitable for patients with lung function disorders associated with an impairment of secretion expectoration.

New features and improvements make secretion mobilization more comfortable in the clinical and homecare environment as well. The Comfort Cough® Plus may be used for invasive and non-invasive applications on adults or pediatric patients: either with a face mask, mouthpiece or an adapter to patient’s endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube.

A plus of the Comfort Cough® Plus: The device can also be used with a percussion wrap around the thorax of the patient – a vest for high chest wall vibration therapy. By use of the percussion vest (optionally available), the lung tissue underlying the body surface is vibrated to mobilize secretions. Thus, the cough assistant – in addition to the conventional methods – invasive (via tracheostomy tube or endotracheal tube) and non-invasive (with breathing mask or mouthpiece) –  can now also applied externally. 

All innovative features at a glance:

Large and colored TFT-LCD Display

for more information about course of therapy

Three Modes of Operation

for individual therapy settings according to patient requirement

Percussor Mode

In this mode, the tissue below the body surface is set in vibration and thus helps to mobilize the stuck bronchial secretions gently and effectively.

Operating Data

Inhalation pressure (Ip) 5 to +60cmH2O (in increments of 1cmH2O)
Inhalation duaration (Ti) 0,0 to 5,0 sec (in increments of 0,1 sec)
Exhalation duration (Te) 0,0 to 5,0 sec (in increments of 0,1 sec)
Pause duration (Tp) 0,0 to 5,0 sec (in increments of 0,1 sec)
Inhalation flow LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH
Modes Automatic, Manual, Percussion

Technical Information

Device Name Comfort Cough Plus
Model Name CC2001Plus
Intended Purpose Invasive and non-invasive assistance to clear bronchial secretions
Rated Voltage 100-240V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Power 230 VA
Electrical Protection BF Class I
Dimensions 288 x 330 x 212mm (W x H x D)
Weight 1 unit, 6,4kg

Product Information Material

Available now:

Innovative secretion mobilization with Comfort Cough® II