Project Description

Patient circuits

The utilization of unobjectionable materials, progressive production technology, as well as a demand- and patient-oriented production promoted the development of WILAmed to a reputable manufacturer and supplier of patient circuits. According to our corporate philosophy, customer satisfaction and reliability have first priority. We give prove of this to our domestic customers and abroad everyday. Requirements, comments, and criticism are welcome to us at any time as such information will help us to accommodate our products to the changing needs and requirements. We are neither using solvents nor chemicals. Thereby our patient circuits are not only olfactory neutral, but also high quality and absolutely environmentally compatible.


  • Intensive care
  • Emergency Medicine Surgery
  • Anesthetics Respiration
  • Weaning, nCPAP/O2-Therapy
  • Ambulance
  • Inhalation

Breathing tube systems by WILAmed

Our range of products offers a broad variety of breathing tube systems for most diverse applications. These breathing tube systems are suitable for most common ventilators and therapy devices for invasive and non-invasive applications in the fields of neonatology, pediatry and adults. We produce heated and unheated breathing tubes for disposable use as single- or double limb systems. With our sophisticated assortment, we are in a position to fulfill almost any individual application requirement: From temperature measurement through bacteria filters, exhalation valves, control lines up to water traps, special connectors, and other treatment relevant components. A highly accurate production process including fully automated packing in clean ambience completes the esteemed quality standard of our products and guarantees a maximum of safety and patients‘ comfort. Our practice oriented packing quantities and the prompt delivery of our products reduce the complexity of storage and thereby, avoid obsolescence of our patient circuits and breathing tube systems.