Project Description

The new ALL-IN-ONE solution for Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy: The WILAhiflow G2 is a non-invasive therapy unit which provides adequate breathing gas conditioning even at high flow rates. The WILAhiflow G2 can provide flows of up to 80 LPM for Adult patients, and up to 25 LPM for Pediatric patients, versus 15 LPM in traditional low flow oxygen therapy.

The administration of a high flow, heated and humidified gas mixture promotes higher and more stable inspiratory oxygen fraction values, decreases anatomical dead space, supports mucociliary clearance and generates a positive airway pressure that can reduce the work of breathing and enhance patient comfort and tolerance.

Patient Benefits

High flow oxygen therapy has been successfully applied to patients suffering from:

  • COPD

  • bronchiectasis

  • end-stage cancer

  • do-not-intubate patients

  • and it recently proved to be a feasable treatment for patients suffering from severe COVID-19 related hypoxaemic respiratory failure.


  • Dew Point Temperature Range 31° to 37°C

  • Flow Rate 2 to 60 LPM

  • Inbuilt oxygen sensor, self-calibrating

  • Designed for ease of use

  • Ease of cleaning

  • Safety enhanced alarm system

  • Dual spiral heater-wire breathing tube with sensor inbuilt

Wide Range of Accessories

  • Heated Therapysystem Paediatric with Chamber

  • Heated Therapysystem Adult

  • Heated Therapysystem Paediatric

  • Auto-Fill C200 AF-HF Humidifier Chamber

  • iFLO Nasal Cannula for Adults and Infants

  • iFLO Infant Headgears

Technical Specifications

Power Input 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Power 300VA
FiO2 21%~95%, ±5%
Adult Mode
  • Temperature Range
  • Humidity Output
>33mg/L @ 37°C
  • Flow Range
Paediatric Mode
  • Temperature Range
  • Humidity Output
>12mg/L @ 31~36°C
  • Flow Range
Water Tank Capacity 90~160mL
Noise Level ≤50 dB(A)
Size 243mm x 220mm x 170mm
Weight ~2.8kg

Product Information