Respiratory Humidification

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Respiratory Humidification

Respiratory humidification is a method of artificial warming and humidifying of respiratory gas for mechanically ventilated patients. The term respiratory gas conditioning stands for warming and humidification as well as purification of respiratory gas. These three essential functions of respiratory gas conditioning serve the preparation of inspired respiratory gas for the sensitive lungs. If natural respiratory humidification fails, pulmonic infections and damage to lung tissue may be the consequence.

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AIRcon Gen2

The extensively optimized AIRcon Gen2 respiratory gas humidifier heralds a new generation of WILAmed products and will officially replace AIRcon Gen1 from January 1, 2019. With creative passion and innovative spirit, our engineers completely redesigned the interior to set new standards in patient comfort and therapy efficiency. Parameters such as alerts are efficiently output on the now inverse TFT display with the modern-looking pictograms redesigned in new colors.

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The humidifier AIRcon combines modern technology and innovative design in a high performance unit. Mechanically ventilated patients are provided with optimally conditioned respiratory gas. The humidifier AIRcon fulfills medical requirements as well as economic market expectations. With the humidifier AIRcon, a new overall concept for all patient groups and many respiratory therapies is available.  Please note: The AIRcon Gen1 will be discontinued and replaced by our new Respiratory Gas Humidifier AIRcon Gen2 as of January 1, 2019.

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The AIRniva Respiratory Gas Humidifier complements the WILAmed portfolio for respiratory care solutions, with special focus on noninvasive ventilation. The AIRniva provides optimal heated and humidified gas, supporting patient compliance to NIV treatment in an easy and safe manner, ultimately enhancing patient comfort.

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Patient Circuits

The utilization of unobjectionable materials, progressive production technology, as well as a demand- and patient-oriented production promoted the development of WILAmed to a reputable manufacturer and supplier of patient circuits. According to our corporate philosophy, customer satisfaction and reliability have first priority. We give prove of this to our domestic customers and abroad everyday.

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