Intensive Care Ventilation

Patients with serious to life-threatening illnesses or injuries require treatment in intensive care if their medical condition requires monitoring or treatment to preserve life. Unlike in other hospital departments, in an intensive care unit (ICU) a very wide range of modern medical technology is employed to perform constant and extensive checks on the patient’s vital signs throughout the patient’s entire stay. Artificial respiration, in particular, can only be carried out in an ICU – for example, following cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. In such cases, a ventilation device manages the air supply to the patient and is able to adapt gradually to the patient’s medical condition until the point where independent breathing is fully possible again.

Our Solutions

WILAflow Elite

WILAflow Elite is a microprocessor controlled, non-invasive infant ventilator, providing most advanced and diversified non-invasive nasal ventilation modes, including apnea wakeup function and automatic leakage compensation. WILAflow Elite directly sets the value of pressure for fully automatic pressure control.

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Breathing Tube Systems

The utilization of unobjectionable materials, progressive production technology, as well as a demand- and patient-oriented production promoted the development of WILAmed to a reputable manufacturer and supplier of patient circuits. According to our corporate philosophy, customer satisfaction and reliability have first priority. We give prove of this to our domestic customers and abroad everyday. Requirements, comments, and criticism are welcome to us at any time as such information will help us to accommodate our products to the changing needs and requirements.

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