Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy

With nasal Oxygen insufflations heated breathing gas is administered at a high flow rate through a specially designed nasal cannula. This form of oxygen supply is called Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy (NHFOT).

Our Solutions for you

WILAhiflow G2

The new ALL-IN-ONE solution for Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy: The WILAhiflow G2 can provide flows of up to 80 LPM for Adult patients, and up to 25 LPM for Pediatric patients, versus 15 LPM in traditional low flow oxygen therapy.

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Nasal cannulas

Nasal cannulas specially designed for the Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy reduce the amount of respiratory dead space, increase alveolar oxygen concentration, improve oxygenation and make breathing easier while reducing FiO2 at the same time.

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