Innovative Secretion Mobilization

Disorders of the muscles and nerves can not only make breathing difficult or even dangerous, but also increase the risk of secretion retention. Because respiratory depression also leads to a reduced power when coughing. In cough-deficient patients, the use of mechanical insufflators and exsufflators has proven particularly useful. As so-called “cough-assistants”, these devices stimulate the natural cough through a rapid change between positive and negative pressure.

Our solutions for you

Mechanical In-/Exsufflator – Comfort Cough® II

The Comfort Cough® II represents a new innovative solution for the effective mobilization of bronchial secretions. The cough assist stimulates natural coughing through rapid switching between over- and under-pressure.

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Mechanical In-/Exsufflator – Comfort Cough® Plus

The Comfort Cough® Plus is suitable for patients with lung function disorders associated with an impairment of secretion expectoration. The device can also be used with a percussion wrap – a vest for high chest wall vibration therapy.

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